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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Video games can have negative as well as positive effects on gamers.

Video Games Pros and Cons List

Negative effect includes inciting violence with harmful effect on the brain. Though there are some good effect also but it seems that it generally have negative effect on people. It keeps children away from outdoor activities outdoor sports. Make children become violent and keep them away from doing their home work.

Pros and cons of video games

Violent video game exposure increases aggressive behaviors, angry feelings, aggressive thoughts, physiological arousal and decreases helpful behaviors Methodology Participants first completed measures of video game preferences and trait aggressiveness. Then, they watched a min movie containing filmed scenes of real violence while heart rate and galvanic skin response were continuously monitored. Rationale The effects of playing video games which I believe can be harmful when played frequently and over a long period of time.

Highly violent or fantasy games such as those that show bloody and gruesome killing can be harmful even in the short term.

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For instance, is the violence unjustified? Are acts of violence rewarded such as in gaining more power, better weapons or extra life? How are women and children depicted? What essays on pros and cons of video games of graphics are being presented e. Purpose statement Purpose of this research proposal is to elaborate dangers, and effects of video games on player. I will explain what they are, what they do, the pros, cons, and other effects.

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Disadvantages Of Video Games Essay Sample

But violent video games with a highly explicit essays on pros and cons of video games can have a bad impact on players behavior.

Expected Findings Not all games will adversely affect players in all the ways. However, some games can have a negative influence in at least one of these ways.

These potential risks or problems should serve as a checklist of possibilities to consider. Desensitization is one process that counselors and therapists use to help clients reduce their excessive and often irrational fears of things like heights, flying, spiders, snakes, blood, and public speaking. However, desensitization of children and other civilians to violence may be detrimental for both individuals and society.

Should kids play video games?

Playing a violent essay on pros and cons of video games games can cause people to become less physiologically aroused by real violence. This can cause problems. For a child who may be at some level desensitized to violence, they may not have strong negative reactions to violence in the real world which may lower their motivation to help or intervene during a violent incident.

Playing video games can send wrong signals to players mind. In games virtual disputes are settled through violence battle which is not an option suitable in real world.

  • Increases Social Interaction Multiplayer video games improve teamwork, cooperation, and in some cases are a great way for social interaction.
  • Increase Brain Capacity 3d and 4d Gaming is the new technology which is recently introduced by developers with hundreds of features.
  • Should kids play them?
  • Expanding knowledge base in fields outside of your usual field of study.
  • Addiction You might have seen a person holding the game controller and playing a video game all the time.

Health issues such as epilepsybad academic performance, bad language from in-game and online play. Conclusion It is very important that we continue to develop positive potential of videogames.

At the present most popular games are generally violent. Given current findings, it is reasonable to be concerned about the essay on pros and cons of video games of violent games on some children and adolescents. Video games can have a positive impact on player given the following criteria: If they are designed properly If it meets the abilities of the students If the video games are Integrated with curriculum and classroom activities Monitored by parents and teachers References Barlett, C.

A Review of the Evidence. Video game preferences, video game motivations, and aggressiveness among adolescent boys of different educational ability levels.